A Spring church Wedding • katie &  peter

Peter and Katie are two of those people that you just can’t help but LOVE. When we first met them, I was taken aback by Katie’s generous and kind heart, quick to give honest and encouraging compliments, an endless amount of smiles, and love to anyone she meets. Her joy and graciousness is contagious and impactful — and I truly just feel so gracious to know her. Peter, on the other hand … no I’m just kidding, there is no “other hand” ; ) Peter is just the same. He is incredibly caring, thoughtful, and full of humility. His smile will light up a room and the way he admires his bride is truly remarkable (you just have to witness it! I hope the images will give a glimpse!) : )

These traits make Peter and Katie an amazing couple who, like I mentioned in the beginning, are SO easy to love. I wanted to share their stories from their day one that so beautifully SHOW this “thing” about Peter and Katie that we noticed right away: that he adored her and she adored him. It was evident from the first time I met them and culminated on their wedding day.

With a 100% chance for rain this day, their love kept every single drop away. From their vows at the Basilica, to their bridal portraits at the park, to their first dance accompanied by the Fabulous Motown Revue to Katie's birthday surprise complete with sparkling candles and confetti.

It was an epic kind of day for an epic couple.

Imperfect grace & authentically joyful