You spent months planning this day. You found the perfect location with just the right esthetic. You poured over magazines and pinterest boards searching for inspiration for your details. you chose those flowers because it's what your mom carried to marry your dad decades ago. You are wearing grandma's pendent to have a piece of her with you today. You are wearing glittery shoes even though you mom hated them. You surprised your soon-to-be hubby with a little gift, just because you knew he would love it.

 A note to the Bride...

You thought of everything for the day, the big event, almost every moment.

You did not think of the first time you would see him on your wedding day. The look of pure joy of his face. The tears in his eyes...the nervous butterflies in your stomach. As you walk toward him, you do not see all those details. You just see him, your partner, your love. 

I know this feeling. I know that look. I know that walk. It was me almost 10 years ago when I married my husband. Not much has changed after all these years... I still hurry to get home to spend time with him and my family.

Know on that day, I see every detail. I see every sentimental moment. I see the day you dreamed of since the pillow case was on your head at 5 years old. I see your own personal fairytale escalating to today. This day, every moment, every second gets me as excited as it does for you.

Let the day sweep you away. Soak in all the feelings. Cherish every second.

Spend the day celebrating, holding on to each other and have a blast!

the process

We don’t believe that wedding photography is one-size-fits-all! We know that ETP Brides are unique and we work VERY hard to find them! We serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that if she wants joyful, genuine portraits of herself & her new groom, then she needs more than just pretty pictures. She needs a joyful EXPERIENCE!  I love coffee so a little chat at your neighborhood spot will give us some time to chat about your event and let me learn more about you and your soon-to-be hubby. If we’re a match made in heaven and then we’ll move on to the booking process! ..

Let's get to know each other...

WOOHOO! I You were made to be an ETP Couple! Now let’s make sure your date is safe and secure so that we can make this dream a reality!!! We’ll send you a custom contract with all the details where you can review your package. A digital invoice will follow shortly for you to pay your deposit to make everything officially official! Now that you’re an official ETP Bride & Groom, it’s time to get started!! ....

Reserve your date!

Let the fun begin! After you book, we’ll schedule your engagement session. Don't worry - it will not be scary. We thrive at helping our couples get comfortable and forget a camera is in my hand. GUARANTEED. We'll just spend some getting to know each other and tell me about your love story! Give me 10 minutes and you will both be laughing - probably at me! That’s all the time we need to get rid of nerves and start capturing the joy of this new season of your life together! After your engagement session you’ll be featured on the ETP Blog and will also be sent a little welcome package to aid in the planning process.


Once we’re 4-6 weeks out from your big day, we’ll start making sure that we’re completely prepared and ready for your wedding! We love creating custom timelines for our couples to ensure that you don’t miss out on your dream wedding photos! You know all of those dreamy portraits, fun friend shots, and detail images that look like they are straight out of a magazine??? We work with our ETP Couples to plan their day so that they can actually have images that represent their own epic love story! After 10 years of photographing weddings, we know how to create the perfect timeline for a photography-friendly wedding day without the chaos!

3 T's - Tentative Timeline Talk

It’s here! Your married story starts now! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let us get to work! This day is going to be a blur to you and so we make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs and Grandma wants while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way. One of our favorite parts of the wedding day is our portrait time with the newlyweds, It's a quiet time where you can reflect on the day and enjoy each other's company. After the wedding day, you’ll be featured on the ETP blog in the coming weeks. We like to share our weddings while everyone is still on cloud nine from the big day instead of keeping our couples waiting!

The Big Day!!

After your wedding day is over, you will receive an online gallery full of all of your wedding memories! HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them! We encourage our ETP Couples to sit down with a glass of wine the night that their gallery goes live and enjoy reliving their wedding day through their images! We believe that all images deserve to be shown off and shared with the generations. Print those images; add on an album; have a few framed. Show the world your epic love story.

Create your first heirloom


You love confetti in your hair.


You carry yourself with grace & elegance...
Even in yoga pants and a t-shirt.


Loves lace, pearls and all things sparkle!


Sees the history of a vintage piece.


Holds her friends as her forever family where there could be months of absence but can pick up without hesitation.


Wine must be sweet & plentiful.


Decorating & creativity come natural to you.


You don't take yourself too seriously
and knows how to laugh at yourself.


You believe that classic is not a negative description.


Your smile is the best accessory.


All your relationships, big or small, go deep.


Your wardrobe consists of mostly Kate Spade.


Down to earth, classy, and giving.


More about making memories
than collecting things.


You show up for those in her circle.

You might be an ETP Bride if...

Imperfect grace & authentically joyful